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16 thoughts on “Page 64

  1. Cover pages’d be cool.

    Panel 1 is excellent, btw.

    1. Cool. 😀 And thanks!

  2. Great stuff! I can’t wait for updates.
    Did you get your new tablet?

    1. Thanks! Not yet, this is still being done with the borrowed tablet. It should be arriving soon with any luck, though.

  3. Ooh! Yes please :]
    I’m all for cover art!

    1. Good to hear! 😀 I’ll have to get thinking on some interesting covers, now,

  4. Cover pages work. Can’t wait for it.

    1. Also, the first panel’s colors are SO pretty. Red moons, omgz!!1

      I almost didn’t notice the last page ended the chapter. Good, so good.

      1. <3 I think red/blue as a colour scheme is one of my favourites, it always pops so nicely.

  5. Oh by the way, no more redirection problems!

    1. Unfortunately I got a comment on my news post that suggests otherwise, though I suppose at least the redirections must be fairly infrequent or I’d be hearing more about them. I just can’t fathom where the problem is coming from.

  6. Back here again?

    And who is this mysterious pale skinned stranger?

    And is it just me or do the illuminated background buildings in panel 1 look like cartoon robots?

    1. Back here again, try not to sound too disappointed. 🙂 And it’s Saiamar, who showed up for all of two pages way back at the start of chapter 2, but I didn’t really expect anyone to remember him. He’s Renshou’s husband, for the record. And he’s not actually supposed to be that pale, that’s just kinda how the lighting worked out on this page somehow. I might go back and tweak it later.

      Also, I was going to say that the cartoon robots thing was entirely you, but now that you’ve pointed it out I can’t unsee it. nuuuuuu

      1. ::facepalm:: Now I see it…ugh…

  7. Hey, I’m all for quasi-classical fantasy architecture and robed folks, its just I far prefer my vaguely soviet steampunk dystopias, if its all the same to you. Which it is, ’coz you draw ’em both.

    He’s not all that significant a character for a husband, is he? They should totally make with the affection in this scene just to hammer that point home. “G’won Saiamar, give ’er an ’ug!” That and I like forcing you into doing complex anatomy interactions that are above me (I bloody hate drawing people interacting physically).

    And don’t worry, robots are cool.

  8. Covers would be cool. And homework/schoolwork ALWAYS comes first no matter what anybody else says. Good Luck with your schoolwork!

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