Usually I spend about seven hours drawing a page from scratch, but this one clocked at in at just over four hours, which I’m quite proud of! The lineart is getting a lot faster to draw, which I like to think is a sign of improvement. I think it looks good overall too, I feel like this page in particular has hit an artistic level I’m really pleased with, though I’m sure I’ll have changed my mind by tomorrow. That always happens.

Anyway… still no internet and still no tablet. Though the good news is that my new tablet should be arriving on Tuesday morning, meaning that Wednesday’s update should be drawn with it. I’ll report back! As for internet, I’m camped out at my brother’s place, simultaneously leeching off him and flat-sitting while he’s visiting our parents, which is about as close to a good set up as I can get without actually having a connection at my own place.

Sorry for missing Friday’s update – I did note on Wednesday that I probably would since, as I suspected, I ended up having to pull an all-nighter and just barely got that university assignment handed in on time. After being up for forty hours or so I didn’t really want to spend another six to eight drawing a page. I regret nothing, the sleep I got instead was brilliant. Having said that, I’m hoping to get back on a regular schedule as of right now. August has been a big giant mess.

New vote incentive, some of the work I blew off the Friday page for. Concept art for a theoretical cave exploration sort of game thing I dunno.


Page 65

6 thoughts on “Page 65

  1. Hey,

    The art *is* looking great… although it’s always been pretty good! The plot and world you’ve created is also pretty intriguing.

    I like the vote incentive too. I’m actually looking for concept artists at the moment, for a personal (read, volunteer) project that my company may pick up as a full project sooner or later. Email me if you’re interested.

    Rob / cyberpunkdreams

    1. Thanks, Rob! I’ll give you an email, though you can imagine I’m approached to do free work all the time (if only paying work were as plentiful). If it sounds interesting I might take you up regardless, but the comic and university pretty much take up all of my time so as a heads up, it’s probably going to be a no.

  2. Another beautifully drawn comic. Plot development is moving slowly, but I love the art here. I’m sorry to hear about your tablet and your internet (living without internet is a real pain, and I’d hate to be an artist without a tablet). Good luck with the next.

    1. Thank you! Plot development is slow, but the pacing is something I’ve pretty much come to terms with and I think hurrying it would badly damage the story, so hopefully it’s still somewhat tolerable regardless. Not much instant gratification, but I think it’ll read well as a whole… some day.

      The tablet/internet thing has been a real mess, but I think it’s working itself out finally. Thanks for the well wishes. 🙂

  3. Rishara Caan? I’ve heard that name before. Isn’t it important? Hmmm…

    I like the interplay of shadows in these panels. Well done. 🙂

  4. Lol congrats on getting the paper in 😀 40 hours of RAW EDUCATION would be taxing on anybody.

    Love it how he suddenly twigs on that he should worrying more about her, and not the council. Are they peacekeepers for their nation? Lol I think I missed something, time to read a couple of missed pages I think 😛

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