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  1. Okay, so speech bubble deciphering: “…here, no … managed to… you, escape from… day(?), and early(?) running…the…brought in.” My best guess is that someone’s escaped he wants them recovered, but Rose did a really good job of making that one nigh-illegible.
    Also I love the tiny white dot of light on the Triarch’s nose, first panel. If this were a cartoon, it’d probably make a ting sound.

  2. Oooomg omg omg

  3. Rose, if you don’t mind me asking – how’s the stuff “around” the comic going? Are you planning to do a Patreon page, or did you decide not to after all? You mentioned something about tax problems a while ago, is that’s the reason of a holdup? It’s just that I’d be very happy to see more updates weekly, as well as support & maybe see some in-progress work…
    Or maybe Kickstarter (or some British equivalent?…), independent printing? Can you tell something about the foreseeable future of the comic? 🙂
    I hope I don’t sound nagging.

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