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  1. Hardly ominous at all.

  2. Um, on a side note: Maybe the drop on TWC stems from the size of the vote-incentive – it´s 2MB, and on a thin or volume-restricted connection that´s not so cool…
    Just a thought. 😉

    1. Oh, that’s a good point. I’ll try to get something new up this week!

  3. I love everything visual about this page–the palette, the textures… 😀

    On the other hand I’m having a mild heart attack due to the general ominous-ness of this page D:

  4. Quiet before the storm… Oh wait. There’s already a storm.

  5. More plot communiques! Plotuniques? Plessages?

  6. Is that Adriana’s hair that we can see in the left on second panel ?

    1. Could be anyone, couldn’t it?

  7. This lighting is giving me Dawngate chronicles vibes. Looks awesome.

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