that oughta shut her up Phew. I suppose it’s my own fault for thumbnailing an 8 panel page but this still took forever and now my wrist is sore. Even my anti-RSI software is flashing angrily at me to stop working. Everyone’s a critic. And I kept forgetting to post this – apologies to Iz Elliot who did some cracking fanart and sent it to me like two weeks ago. The moral of today’s post is that I’m an idiot and Iz is cool. Thanks Iz! 🙂 Edit: Oh right, I made a Tumblr. For tumblin’, I guess? I’m using it to post up sketches and page previews and junk at the moment, so if you like my art or something crazy like that you may want to check it out.
Right. Ok. So! Some of you may have noticed that the site got hacked again last Monday night. Some of the WordPress scripts were being dicked around with, so my host suspended the site and strongly advised me to update WordPress. Unfortunately when I made the site about two years ago (after the first one got hacked, I guess I never learn) I coded the CSS rather badly, so when I had to update WordPress (and subsequently the Webcomic plugin) I basically had to remake the site from scratch. Yeah, whoo So really it’s half my fault, half whoever was screwing with the site. Though I feel I made up for it by spending 24 straight hours Monday through Tuesday coding to get everything (mostly) working, and then maaaaannny more hours since then. Especially on god damn Saturday when the site broke again for a completely different reason, which turned out to be entirely my host’s fault. Complete waste of time. Anyway, as the message above the comic says, some stuff is still broken, particularly the secondary pages (About, Cast, etc.) and the archives page is especially broken since all the links to individual comic pages have changed slightly. So I’ll… I’ll have to manually update each of the 226 links in there. This is after having to reattach over 150 comic pages to their respective individual blog posts when the WordPress upgrade made them randomly disassociate. I’ll get on fixing the archives when my soul is feeling a bit less crushed. The actual comics are working now, though. Page 74 went completely missing for some reason, but I re-uploaded it this morning and it seems to be fine. The favicon seems to be working very sporadically. I have no idea what to do about this? Bear with me. Also the Sage Comics ribbon that was in the upper left is just gone. I lost the code in this whole mess and I don’t have any way of retrieving it. Sorry Sage guys. :/ On the plus side… ??? Er… well, there are now navigation/archive buttons above the comic as well as below. I hope you all enjoy those, they better be worth it And after some creative coding by my buddy Greg, the pages should load noticeably faster. If there’s anything else really messed up about the site feel free to mention it in the comments. Rest assured, I am/will get right on working on it. Oh, and I drew a page.
In which Adrianna inadvertently gets hit by one of the oldest tropes in the book. And that is some terrible fire safety right there, let me tell you. Whoo, backgrounds! This page was good fun. I’m having a go at inking backgrounds and I think it makes creating solid environments a bit easier. I tend to leave things a bit foggy and wishy-washy when I only paint the backgrounds. Here’s the inks for today’s page for any interested parties. Yeahhh, check out those god damn crates you guys Also, my buddy Drew finally made a reality of the obvious crossover that is Red Moon Rising and Futurama. Fire INDEED hot. Also also, there’s a new vote incentive! For propers! It’s an inked section of one of the wallpapers I’m working on right now, featuring Renshou (who shall be popping up again in the story very soon).
In which Bracken channels Spike Spiegel, and Samara still doesn’t like guns very much. I keep thinking I have news and then drawing a blank for the news post. Oh well. It’ll come to me. Edit: Just remembered I didn’t actually have news at all, but I did want to complain about having to draw so many stupid hands in one page. GOD THIS IS A TERRIBLE NEWS POST* *Note from the future: This is definitely a terrible news post. Also, what is up with Bracken’s fingers in that second panel? They’re like crazy long alien fingers. I must have gone a bit mad from drawing too many hands.