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  1. Oh! Is that the trainstabber dude?
    The one who nearly killed Saiamar?
    It could be that guy.

    That happened in…2011? Wow. Time flies.

    1. Also I really like how you draw the triarch. He is a fun character.
      Do I need to mention your lighting looks awesome as usual?

    2. Good find, Jef. Adjusting for the ever-improving art, it could actually be him. Then again, why would you make a hired assasin wear full military regalia, badge and all, unless you want him to look like someone elses agent?

    3. Savail found this on the last page, too, and Rose confirmed it. 😀 The plot thickens!

      1. Congrats to Savail, and to Rose for the plot.

  2. Huh. I almost expected Samara to be shot in the back once she does not recognize Danil. Ezius is playing some interesting game there.

    1. I think Ezius’s game here is: “We found your guy… Oh wait, he’s not your guy? Well then, I guess we don’t have him! You’ll just have to look somewhere else. Sorry.”

      1. Or maybe if the Jef’s assassin theory pans out, he wanted to know whether Ashul is really dumb enough to send a uniformed killer. Guess we’ll see later. I still hope the colonel survived though.

        1. It paned out!
          Though I would have known so if I checked the comments on the previous page before posting-
          So kudos for being first to realize the connection go to Savail.
          (Since Rose is obviously disqualified for cheating :P)

          I think the Triarch is actually one of the more dangerous players?
          Just a feeling though.

        2. The Triarch is definitely one of the most dangerous players in this “game”, and he’s clearly using this to get more information out of everyone else, and possibly for other reasons too.

        3. Yup, he made my “new favorite character” last page when I realized what he was up to. Dangerous, clever and smoothly managing this entire encounter. Loving it!

        4. Not to mention the cake and the fireworks…

    2. Yeah, it’s obvious he can be dangerous. But I also got the impression he likes her genuinely.

  3. Just rechecked what happened 200 pages back. The assassin was actually after Lethe, Saimar was just collateral damage. So it actually could have been Ashul SpecOps. However, the assassin was captured alive, not killed. I wonder how that came to pass…

  4. They are now at the bottom of a looong spiral staircase. It’s either a long way back up or this building is conveniently located in the side of a hill . . .

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