Quick, change the subject. She’s tired, she totally won’t even notice.
Big shout out to Alan Evans of
Rival Angels for quickly helping me out over twitter with some very frustrating advertising issues I was having. If you like wrestling even a tiny bit you should be reading this guy’s excellent comic. The page shuffling I mentioned in last week’s update hasn’t yet come to pass, I decided to put it off and do a bunch of extra content instead which’ll be retroactively inserted into the archive when it’s all done. I’ll be sure to mention that when it happens, but in the meantime there’s a work in progress version of a city map of Ashul as the new vote incentive.
Hug deployed, target neutralised.
Awesome fanart this week, thanks to Iz Elliot! I think this makes Bracken one of the most drawn characters so far. Sucks for you, other characters. Anyway, I’m super behind with all my emails and junk so if you’ve sent me something in the last wee while I’m probably trying to think up a response right now. Sorry. D:
And they all lived happily ever after.
In my furious haze over the lost work on last week’s page, I forgot to mention that the
gallery is now, finally, in operation. There’s a decent spread of some of the art I’ve done for Red Moon Rising over the last few years, plus all the various fanart I’ve been sent. If your fanart’s not there it’s not because I hate you, it’s simply a cack-handed oversight on my part. Email me with it or leave a comment with a link here and I’ll have it posted ASAP. 🙂